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    Dr Du Jiansheng

DIT Specialist Dr Du Jiansheng brings substantial experience from the life sciences sector to help increase inward investment in the UK. He has travelled extensively throughout China and the Asia Pacific region, and has sourced overseas companies to collaborate with UK companies to increase inward investment in the UK. On leaving research, Du became a specialist in bridging the gap between China and Europe in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors since 2000. He has identified many overseas companies offering opportunities for partnership and collaboration, many of which resulted in major R&D and FDI projects. 

Du has covered China and other Far East countries, using his strong business development background to establish a wide-ranging network of contacts, including private companies, investment firms and government departments. His specific expertise includes technology assessment, identification of business and scientific synergies, clinical trial standards and procedures, and the management of IPR.

Jiansheng gained a PhD in molecular biology at the University of Cambridge, where he also conducted 10 years of medical research in the areas of human genetic disorder/axon regeneration and brain repair.

Specialist for Life Sciences
Department for International Trade

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