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    Eleanor Baha MBE

Eleanor Baha has been helping UK companies to access business opportunities in the World Health Organisation and the United Nations organisations in Geneva and Rome for 20 years. She also has an overview of procurement opportunities in UNICEF which carries out its procurement from Copenhagen. These organisations focus on disaster relief and humanitarian response which offer opportunities across a wide range of sectors including medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. UN procurement is worth over $17 billion per year, divided up into many contracts making it suitable for companies of all sizes, provided they already have some export experience. Medical Equipment and Healthcare Services are in the top 10 categories of UN procurement together representing roughly 7% of the total procurement value. 

There is a certain amount of bureaucracy to deal with, but a meeting with Eleanor will simplify this for you, help you navigate the UN system and ensure you are registered as a potential supplier with the most relevant organisations.  She will also inform you of forthcoming events in this exciting sector.

Based in Switzerland for over 30 years Eleanor has wide experience of the market and an excellent network.  Although she will focus on Aid Funded Business during her visit to Arab Health, she is also happy to meet and advise companies interested in exporting to Switzerland.

Deputy Director
Department for International Trade

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