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    Hilda Mwangi

Hilda Mwangi is the Life Science Business Development Associate (BDA) at UK Trade & Investment Los Angeles.

In her role as the BDA, Hilda is responsible for developing and delivering the UK’s investment and trade promotion strategy for the USA in the bio, pharma, medical device and healthcare industries. The Los Angeles life sciences team cover Southern California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Washington State and Hawaii. Hilda solely covers life sciences and spends 50% of her time on trade activities and 50% on investment activities.

Hilda’s region features the third biggest med-tech cluster in the US (San Diego), and has thriving environments for digital health, genomics and regenerative medicine companies. These areas continue to grow and present key opportunities for both US and trade-ready UK companies.

To schedule a 1-2-1 meeting with Hilda Mwangi, please send your request to Hilda.Mwangi@mobile.ukti.gov.uk

Life Science Business Development Associate
United States