Royal Mail

As the world's oldest postal service, Royal Mail has a rich history characterised by a tradition of service and innovation spanning almost 500 years. Established in 1516 by order of King Henry VIII, Royal Mail is one of the most iconic British brands and the company behind a number of postal inventions commonly used throughout the world, including the self-adhesive postage stamp and post box.

Today, we deliver 99% of all letters and over 1 billion parcels to over 29 million homes and businesses in the UK, six days a week. We think of international as just another postcode and offer a range of international parcel delivery and return services. Our Guaranteed, Tracked, Standard & Return services cater for all parcel delivery needs.

We are delighted to be a sponsor of the prestigious GREAT Festival, celebrating innovation and creativity in British business. We are already the trusted delivery partner of many British companies that trade with China and we are currently looking at new channels to bring British goods to Chinese consumers.

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