Sanpower Group is a large modern conglomerate characterized by informationization and focusing on modern service industry. It combines five large sectors into one including Finance & Investment, Retail & Trading, Information Services,Medical & Health Care, and Real Estate. The Group owns several listed companies including Hiteker (600122.SH), Nanjing Xinbai (600682.SH), Mecox Lane (NASDAQ:MCOX) and Jinpeng Yuankang (New Three Board 430606) as well as key enterprises at home and abroad such as Hisap, Funtalk Telecommunications, Hirealty, Guangzhou Jinpeng, China Newsweek,, Cnshangquan, House of Fraser (UK), Brookstone (US), Natali (Isreal), with more than 100 subsidiaries of sole proprietorships and holding companies and over 80,000 employees worldwide. Trademarks under the Group, ”Hongtu”, “Hisap”, “Jinpeng” and “Xinbai”, have been awarded “Chinese Famous Trademarks” and become nationwide household brands.

At present, the total assets of the Group has exceeded RMB 70 billion and the annual gross sales is over RMB 80 billion. The Group is on the list of “China’s Top 500 Enterprises” for the eleventh consecutive year (188th) and ranks 27th in “China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises” and 9th in “China’s Top 100 Private Enterprises of Service Industry” by All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC). Throughout its pioneering course over the years, the Group has been adhering to the corporate culture centred on "positivity, introspection, balance" and "kindness, reasonability, insight", and striving to practice the enterprise tenet of "creating value for customers and providing opportunities for employees", which have formed the enterprise’s unique charisma and cohesion. At the same time of aggregating social wealth, the Group play an active role in the public welfare and has made outstanding contributions in the aspects of responding to natural disasters, supporting education, helping vulnerable groups, promoting social harmony and etc., with the accumulated donations worth more than RMB 300 million over the years.

“Using innovation as dynamic, using industry as infrastructure, using capital as method”, Sanpower Group will keep up with the development opportunity of “globalization” and national urbanization, actively promote the globalized development and the strategy of “Hundred Cities and Thousand Counties” and take the lead in the coordinated development among the industry sectors of the Group. We strive to make the total assets of the Group and annual sales be over RMB 150 billion by 2016; the Group will successfully achieve its objective to be in the rank of The Fortune Global 500 and eventually become a world class corporate group with Chinese characteristics and of sustainable development.