Advanced Engineering

The UK is home to major international manufacturing brands, such as BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Airbus, GKN, Cobham, AgustaWestland, Boeing, Bombardier, JCB, Caterpillar, Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, BMW, Toyota, Nissan and Honda, with UK advanced manufacturing companies supplying all these businesses. The latest lean manufacturing processes and techniques developed by the UK advanced manufacturing sector enable customers to improve their productivity, flexibility and quality, ensuring they remain competitive in the global marketplace.

UK global companies and growing SMEs in all industries build on the UK’s distinguished manufacturing legacy by continuing to develop pioneering products and technologies that are sold all over the world. The GVA contribution of manufacturing to the UK economy in 2013 was £147.7 billion. UK exports of manufactured goods totalled £230.7 billion in 2013, accounting for around 46 percent of all UK exports (ONS figure from ‘Trade in goods’ series 2013).