The UK has a vibrant Tech sector that contributes 8% to UK GVA and employs 1.2 million people. Rapid innovation in core technologies, networks and services is driving fundamental change across every sector of the economy and a significant amount of that innovation is being pioneered in the UK from the design of electronic systems and the development of 5G wireless technologies to the exploitation of data and the internet of things.

The UK benefits from one of the strongest Technology infrastructures in the world; the privatisation of major technology service providers has led to greater competition and lower prices, making the UK highly competitive. The sector is also one of the largest wealth creators in the UK and one of the fastest-growing sectors over the last.

The software and IT services market in the UK is one of the largest in Western Europe, valued at £58 billion per year. The UK is renowned for its strength in software development across a wide range of application areas including automotive, financial services, retail and logistics.

A world leader in the internet economy, the UK has a highly innovative retail sector championing the application of the latest technologies and business models.