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babylon is a digital AI driven healthcare service available in an easy to use app and online. Run on proprietary technology, babylon is an artificially intelligent doctors brain. In addition to 24/7 virtual video GP appointments, where you can see a GP on your phone from wherever you are in the world, within minutes, patients can also use babylon to have therapy and CBT appointments, as well as to see specialists. The AI service kicks in when people use the powerful triage and diagnosis engine that sits behind a friendly app user interface. Comprehensive health assessments can be easily completed through the app, with the AI allowing people to get a thorough, in depth understanding of their health and at-risk areas, and rank themselves relative to the general population for common conditions, all handled through a personal health record. Once the health assessment has been completed, users are able to monitor their health, triage and diagnose any potential diseases, continually updating their personal health assessment, creating an advanced health profile for each individual.