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Andrew Bissell

Speaking Slots:

  • 14:25 - 15:20
Andrew is CEO of Sunamp Ltd a company that designs, produces and sells non-toxic, compact and highly efficient heat batteries that can be used to store heat for a number of applications, including many renewable and low-carbon technologies.

Sunamp's heat batteries are a packaged store of heat energy using phase change materials PCMs. They are scalable and can be tailored to specific applications from large-scale industrial use to compact automotive solutions. Sunamp Ltd is based near Edinburgh and employs 15 staff. They aim to double this number by the end of 2016. Sunamp's first product, SunampPV will be fitted in 600 homes by March 2016.

Andrew is a successful technology entrepreneur, previously the founder and CEO of Voxar Limited, which achieved leading global market share in 3D medical visualisation, with a turnover in excess of 10 million and 80+ employees. It is now part of Toshiba and employs over 120 people in Edinburgh.

Andrew lived in Italy and Switzerland before coming back to the UK to study. He is married and has two sons.