UK-Lebanon Tech Hub

The UK-Lebanon Tech Hub is an international initiative that was kick-started jointly by Banque Du Liban and the UK Government through the British Embassy in Beirut.  The UK-Lebanon Tech Hub is a two year programme comprising several activities to support entrepreneurship and Small-Medium Enterprises in Lebanon with a view to increasing GDP and job creation in the country.

The UK-Lebanon Tech Hub is the overarching body comprising four component programmes:

 • An International Accelerator which will select 45 Lebanese companies with high growth potential to join a first phase and then progress 15 companies with highest global growth potential to a second phase based in London.

 • A Capacity Building & Sign Posting Programme that will provide training and mentoring to all Lebanese companies in the knowledge economy, investment professionals and banks to increase their exposure to managing and investing in technology companies; a Signposting service for all Lebanese companies in the knowledge economy which will make referrals and introductions to potential partners, suppliers or clients in the UK as well as link the Lebanese diaspora to new entrepreneurs in the same field.

 • An Outreach Programme that will support the development of strategic partnerships between the UK and Lebanon and target schools and universities in the country to promote entrepreneurship.

 • A Marketing and Communications Plan that will help raise Lebanon’s profile as a Tech Hub for the region and showcase successful Lebanese entrepreneurs worldwide.