Image (c) 2018
Image (c) 2018


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Aircharge offers the latest wireless charging solutions for public spaces, the office and home, and is one of the most progressive designers of technology-driven interior products in the UK.

Aircharge is leading the adoption of wireless charging on a global scale and by partnering with key brands, provides access to more than 4,000 Qi wireless charging locations worldwide. You will find Aircharge solutions in your favourite café, restaurants, shops, at the airport, in hotels, gyms and even in cars. Partners include McDonald’s, Virgin, Eurostar, EE, Vodafone, Orange, O2, Hub by Premier Inn, IBIS and Novotel, to name just a few.

Aircharge has recently introduced a first-to-market battery powered solution to bring wireless charging to venues without direct access to power. Safe and easy to install, lock and recharge, each battery pack allows eight full charging cycles before a recharge is required. The battery pack broadens the use cases and venues where Aircharge wireless charging solutions can be implemented. This  includes restaurants, bars and cafés with furniture which is not fixed or is moved regularly, office break out areas, malls and shops, hotels, train stations, airport lounges, waiting areas, events and exhibitions.