Image (c) 2018
Image (c) 2018

University of Leicester

Where other universities look for opportunities, the University of Leicester has created opportunities throughout its 100-year history. The University has been a pioneer in space research and technology for more than 40 years. At least one Leicester-built instrument has been in orbit continually since 1976. Physics students are taught by a former NASA astronaut who flew five Space Shuttle missions.

‘The right stuff’ is something that the University looks for in its staff: staff who teach, staff who research and, above all, staff who inspire. They all have the intellect, stamina and fortitude that marks out the very best in their field. 

The University of Leicester was part of the consortium which established the National Space Centre tourist attraction in Leicester. Furthermore, it is currently adding to its space credentials with a lead role in the development of Space Park Leicester. This is a unique environment for SMEs and start-ups to develop space-based data applications.

But the University is not just about space; this is where DNA fingerprinting was invented. This is where a long-lost king was discovered and identified. Leicester is a university that is always breaking new ground.