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Chipside Ltd

Subsector: IOT, Smart Cities

We are looking for: Joint Venture

Chipside offers smart cities, towns, regions and national government digital citizen services. Our core expertise is in transforming the parking services, law enforcement of parking and traffic management through our core mobility systems, back office legal case management software systems, public facing evidence portals, parking payment systems, law patrol software and big, open data platforms.   

Chipside was formed in 2003. Nearly 1 in 2 UK Local Government Authorities are now using Chipside's Oppidatim smart cities software products and services. One aim of the digital transformation project is to save £35m from current administration spend. Another is to increase citizen use of digital smart city systems for their resident and parking requirements. Chipside looks after 1,500 Civil Enforcement officers using mobility software to monitor parking and transport matters and to issue citations, penalties, fines where necessary. The connected smart city system provides any local government department with the tools to protect parking income, reduce congestion, improve local services and analyse big, open data, leading to more responsive delivery of the local government services to the citizen. During 2017, Chipside embarked on a national consultation project to offer digital citizen services across other Local Government departments within the one integrated software platform. Pilot projects are already under way for digital permits and licences for many other services. A briefing document, "Oppidatim, Smart Cities Just Got Smarter" is available on request.

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