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Data Performance Consultancy (DPC) Ltd

Subsector: IOT,Cloud,E-Commerce, Smart Cities, Information Security, Cyber,Telecommunications

We are looking for: Joint Venture

 Data Performance Consultancy is developing with key partners (Liverpool County Council; Association of Greater Manchester Authorities; Sensor City Liverpool; Social Values UK; Liverpool University; Liverpool John Moore University; and Lancaster University), a Smart Cities, platform as a service capability, known as WASP (Workflow Analytics, Social Procurement). WASP uses a bespoke, DPC designed SMART CITIES 3-dimensional soft-system framework, comprising 11 critical elements to identify and measure the social impact performance of both the process of commissioning activities and the commissioned output, across the six Stages of Strategic Sourcing often adopted by public sector purchasing decision makers:  1. Strategy (Vision); 2. Management; 3. Assets; 4. Research; 5. Transformation; 6. Collaborative Partners; 7. Infrastructure; 8. Technology; 9. Information Layer; 10. Economic Cases; 11. Social Value.   WASP Enables Transformation in thinking and action. In broad terms: identifying and defining a service issue and review of the service issue; identification of all the touch-points relating to the service issue; classification of all the available services associated with each touch-point; identification of individual and inter-service capabilities and capacities; application of socio-economic algorithms producing bespoke procurement-options maps of the available services and their intended social-impact performance. A synthesis of the best-fit services which meet the needs identified by the 360° review of the service issue and their subsequent deployment. The extent to which economic, environmental and social-impact benefits are identified, realised and measured are critically dependent upon the availability and accessibility of vast quantities of supraconnected data sources. WASP utilises an IoT layer, to facilitate this supraconnectivity allowing people to take advantage of the benefits afforded by smart cities and is at the heart of DPC’s Platform as a service capability.

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