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GeoLang Ltd

Subsector:Cloud, Information Security, Cyber, Fintech , Electronic Systems

We are looking for: Joint Venture , Local agent / Distributor , Licensee

Playing to Insider Threat market opportunities and meeting the needs of regulatory requirements such as PCI and GDPR in particular, GeoLang’s patented Ascema platform offers a simple solution to audit and control the flow and copying of high-value, sensitive content within an enterprise’s network and external collaboration environments including an extensive range of email, cloud, and on-premise applications. The Ascema technology comprises a fingerprinting, indexing and matching algorithm alongside machine learning algorithms that support our prized automated classification solution which then operates by matching an irreversible fingerprint against the content being processed within data streams and intervening in real time when a fingerprint match is detected thus remediating according to pre-set intervention levels, providing real time detection and protection with audit logs and reporting as standard. Furthermore, Ascema has a unique capability to protect high value and sensitive content and IP in any language including Malaysian and Tamil naturally appropriating our technology to the diverse Malaysian market. We also offer a variety of platform connectors including Office 365, Gmail, G-Drive, Box, Alfresco, Windows File Server and a Word Plug-In for immediately protecting whole documents or paragraphs as you type and our platform libraries are available for licensing or integration with any proprietary or bespoke application.

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