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HEIapply (Action Starter Ltd)

Subsector: Cloud, E-Commerce, Data Analytics

We are looking for: Joint Venture

 ActionStarter is a UK company serving organisations worldwide with three key products HEIapply, EduAgentCRM and Mind Recovery Net. We maintain and promote these cutting-edge online software products designed to solve challenges in data capturing, processing and management with a strong focus on application management in the education, commercial, not for profit and health sector. Our solutions are adaptable and have customers in over 45 countries worldwide and growing. HEIapply empowers institutions worldwide to enable the ultimate applicant journey. SaaS for the education, third-sector, not-for-profit and commercial sectors. Includes providing institutions with an applicant Portal, converting paper based application forms to be online, configuring the system to reflect their processes and their notifications; with built in processing and controls, making and processing decisions, document management, reporting, system integration, communication and engagement tools in a secure cloud based environment that looks and feels like their own. We have case studies in higher education, further education, international schools, creative academies, medical schools, global charities, global talent development organisations, incubators, professional membership/societies and global online learning platforms.   

 EduAgentCRM is study abroad agency focused software that allows you to manage your partners better, improve the applicant journey and give your team the tools they need to help you grow your study abroad business. We have case studies in small, medium and large study abroad organisations operating globally, as well as travel abroad providers that have similar workflows.   

 Mindrecoverynet is a customer relationship management software crafted to help Mental Health Recovery Colleges and training providers manage their applications, students, courses, tutors, course schedule, venues, bookings, attendance and impact and outcome assessment. We have case studies in five NHS Trusts, all using Mindrecoverynet to help them develop their recovery college and provide an efficient and effective service.

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