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Subsector: Smart Cities, Telecommunications, VR/AR

We are looking for: Licensee

In-VR is the only large-scale event platform to host over 10 000 people. We are at the forefront of virtual gaming convention located at the heart of London. Through our platform, exhibitors are able to demonstrate their exact products, no matter what the size, type or dimensions in a completely immersive way. We work through building a virtual venue specifically designed for each industry. Through our consultation with major companies or co-host, we are able to understand their promotional plans. In-VR offers unique selling point where attendees do not have to pay a fortune in ticket or accommodations. An instant click-and-buy button for all exhibiting products can now be done virtually. As a start, we are targeting the gaming community, with goals to venture into other areas. The team at In-VR has more than 10 years of experience working hand-in-hand with Ministries and large corporations to promote the investment potential of their country or industry. We have organised high level Summits and Exhibitions to gather investors and showcase Industries we are experts in: Energy, Construction, Video Gaming, Infrastructure, Defence, Transportation and Smart Cities, and Toursim. To-date, our team has brought over $5bn in contracts to European countries on average, with over 25 000 senior level delegates have trusted us to meet their future business partners.

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