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Inspired Mobile

Subsector: IOT, Cloud ,E-Commerce, Data Analytics, Telecommunications , Artificial Intelligence

We are looking for: Joint Venture

 Inspired Mobile is an award-winning multi-channel marketing platform offering first class marketing tools at your fingertips. The platform includes a customer research study builder; managed QR/NFC codes; proximity WiFi marketing; Email / SMS solutions; and over 1300 premium local and global publishers for advertising. All the tools are accessed via a single easy-to-use login and wrapped with a Creative Studio and CRM engine to better understand your customer.     

 Inspired Mobile is globally recognised as a leading marketing platform and was awarded Best Media Tech in Singapore, by the former Mayor of London; we are one of 10 mobile partners to Google and were recently reviewed by Forrester in New York. We have staff in the UK, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Greece, Singapore and are soon opening offices in UAE and China. Inspired Mobile launched in 2013 and services clients from enterprise to SMEs.

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