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KnowNow Information

Subsector:  IoT, Information Security, Data Analytics, Smart Cities

We are looking for:  Joint Venture, Local agent / Distributor, Licensee

KnowNow Information provides go-to data expertise for the smartest cities, growth companies and startups. We dazzle our customers through innovation and speed of execution. Through the improved use of data, KnowNow creates innovative products that improve citizen lives whilst helping our customers identify their own eureka! moments.  Our two current technologies relevant for the Malaysian market are.  (1) Consentua - Consent Management directly relevant to the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act as well as the implications for Malaysian companies exchanging personal information with European organisations under the European General Data Protection Regulations. (2) - a joint venture with PCSG, provides automated comfort analytics for commercial buildings. This enables the occupant to be engaged and persuaded so new nudges and prods to behaviour can be promoted. It automates delivery of a sustainable energy profile for a building.  Awarded an Innovate UK award for their Energy Game Changer competition.

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