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Leading Edge Only (LEO)

 Subsector: Information Security, E-Commerce, Cyber , Smart Cities , Fintech , Electronic Systems

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Leading Edge Only delivers a dynamic integrated platform through its Global Innovation Marketplace for fast-growth Start Ups, SMEs and Universities to showcase their innovative technologies, products and services worldwide. The platform also offers a range of services for organisations that are looking to find and engage with relevant providers of innovation by having their own Innovation Community on the LEO Innovation Marketplace. For these major organisations that wish to identify new solutions and fast growth innovative companies they can use the hosted LEO platform to run their own dedicated Innovation Communities, to continually source a flow of new relevant innovative solutions and be automatically updated as to any developments of each innovation moving forward. Launched in 2014, LEO generated over 60,000 Innovation Profile Views , which rose to 700,000 in 2016. LEO is currently running in excess of 2.m profile views in 2017. LEO's independent innovation platform attracts and promotes innovations from a wide diversity of providers in over 100 countries.

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