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Subsector: IOT, Data Analytics,

We are looking for: Joint Venture , Local agent / Distributor , Licensee

Energenie is the developer and manufacturer of the IOT Smarthome solution Mi|Home.  Mi|Home allows users to control HVAC, lighting, mains power from anywhere in the world through a range of smart devices and our Mi|Home app.  The Mi|Home range can be used as a solution for both new build homes and in existing properties as it is a wireless retrofit solution.  We are looking to  provide our solution as both a complete solution and as a partner.

Our range includes installed smart light switches, wall sockets, thermostat, energy monitoring devices and environmental sensors.  We are currently targeting both the B2C and B2B markets, in the B2C space we offer the product direct to consumers through retailers.  We are also working with a number of business partners to provide data through our rest streaming API which enables them to build services on top of the data collected through our end devices we already have partners in both the healthcare and energy sectors.

The Mi|Home solution is currently integrated with a number of global partners including Goggle’s Nest, Amazon’s Echo, IFTTT and Control 4, Energenie is also global member of CEDIA

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