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Sparta Digital

Subsector: IOT, Data Analytics, Smart Cities, VR/AR

We are looking for: Joint Venture

We are a UK government approved supplier under g-Cloud framework and solution provider for organizations looking to increase user engagement in today's connected world. Our solutions range from managing internet of thing (IoT) devices to building web and mobile applications. We take pride in helping our client reaching to their customers not only by preparing specific data analysis report but also by developing interactive augmented reality (AR) content. We work collaboratively in multiple projects with notable organizations from the United Kingdom such as Cisco, BT, Ordnance Survey, Manchester City Council, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), and Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU); as well as with our partners from the European Commission. Our past and current projects commitment include building social reinforcement platform through non-monetary system (CROSS), connecting transport management company with their drivers (McBurnley), simplifying citizen engagement with public administration (SIMPATICO), providing surveillance and monitoring solutions for heritage cultural sites protection (STORM) and also getting involved in Smart City demonstrator by engaging public citizens with the initiative (Cityverve).

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