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Tyk Tech

Subsector: IOT, Cloud, E-Commerce, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence

We are looking for: Local agent / Distributor

Tyk was born out of necessity. In 2014, there was only one open source API gateway, and SOA was all the rage. In the words of Martin, the Dev-Founder of Tyk, having tried all the options available “this shouldn’t be so damned expensive or complex. Screw you guys, I’m building my own API management platform, but this time with blackjack and whisky”.

The resulting Tyk Open Source API Gateway has now been installed by over ten thousand businesses. Our fantastic team of engineers, collaborating with the open source community, and operating from our offices in London and Singapore, means that Tyk is now deployed into some of the world’s largest enterprises and trusted with mission critical systems in highly regulated industries.

Tyk doesn’t do SanFran offices, VC funding or change consultants. Tyk does engineering. Powerful  performance and finely tooled engineering you can trust. We might still be waiting for the blackjack and whisky, but now, like our software, our commercials are open, immediate, fair and affordable.

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