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Subsector: IOT, Cloud,Smart Cities, Fintech, Electronic Systems, Telecommunications

We are looking for: Joint Venture, Local agent / Distributor, Licensee is a unique proposition to automatically identify, monitor and if needed communicate with every occupant of a building using what seems like a normal ID card that is triggered by our sensors. This provides real time, actionable insight to help security and management deliver efficiencies but in the case of an emergency it enables fire services to have real-time insight into the exact movements of all within the building. The system is essential for all high-rise buildings, as they have not been built for full evacuations - there are simply not enough stairways to evacuate thousands of people in an efficient manner from the extreme heights of many of these buildings. Existing solutions suffer from user error, tailgating, or a reliance on apps or batteries – delivers risk reduction and minimises loss of life.     The key market we are targeting is Commercial offices, with an addressable market of over half a billion pounds in just the UK. We also have deployments in universities, co-working spaces, hotels, private clubs, and more where we monitor all users of these facilities and deliver key alerts.

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